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What is the Quality of the Print?Updated 9 months ago

How good is it?

The quality of the print was our highest priority. We wanted to create something that would last for years to come and hang proudly on the walls of customers without any fading. We spent a lot of time testing different paper and inks to create the quality that we now deliver.

Materials: A premium-quality heavyweight fine art paper fine, gently textured surface. This +200gsm museum-quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full colour graphics or illustrations. The matte finish emphasises different highlights and tones in the source artworks; helping to create stunning works of art. 

Sourced exclusively from Hahnemühle, the world’s most famous papermaker, our fine art paper provides exceptional tonality and renders sharp details with a consistent flatness. All papers are designed for archival storage and are acid-free, making them highly resistant to ageing. The paper is also lignin-free, ensuring it will not yellow with age. Our papers are independently tested to be light resistant for at least 100 years.

We operate a broad range of print machines using a process commonly known as Giclée printing.

As a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer our prints undergo annual testing by a UKAS-approved laboratory. Key requirements for this quality standard are the lightfastness of a print, ensuring that it scores a value of 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale in all areas.

We only use original and official UV (pigment based) inks ensuring each print faithfully reproduces the tone, temperature and colour of the original image. UV inks contain enhanced light stabilisers; offering far more durability than dye-based inks; protecting the vibrancy of your prints for over 100 years in ideal conditions. One of the most important aspects of our printing process is colour management. Colour management involves the constant calibration of our printers, monitors, scanners and software to ensure the colour of your prints precisely matches the previews you get from the website. It’s painstaking but vitally important work.

Colour management is one of our core principles and helps guarantee you receive the best quality prints possible.


Museum Grade,

Art Matte, Acid free paper

100+ year colour guarantee

Professional colour management

12-colour Giclée printers

FOIL - 350gsm made from a non-woven material with a polyester backing for a premium, heavyweight feel

GITD - Fine art paper Softly textured with an etching paper surface.

Please handle with care when framing.

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