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It's All About Options.

***Unfortunately, we don't have a framing service for New Zealand or Australian Foil or Glow in The Dark orders. The UK lab is the only one of our print labs with the technology to print foils and Glow In The Dark, and posting a framed print to Australia would cost way too much. Really sorry we can't accommodate you.

We provide a framing service for all print types to all other territories we ship to.

You will have the option to add a frame when ordering the star map.

If you prefer to contact us to add a frame after you have placed the order, email us at [email protected] with the order number immediately after you have placed the order, with the request to add a frame. We will then send you a paypal payment request to pay for the framing service. Once payment is complete and you send us a screenshot of proof of payment, we will add the frame to the order so that you will receive a framed print.

See more examples checkout our different framing options.


Picture frame / Picture moulding

Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. The frame has a square, modern profile which works well in both contemporary and traditional environments. We have three colors to choose from: Natural Wood color, White or Black.

Picture Glazing

Plexiglass: thickness 2mm, provides increased UV protection, is extremely robust and offers less glare than float glass. 

Frame Thickness x inch x .78inch

Framing process

Each framed print is individually handmade by specialist picture framers.We cut frames using a traditional Morsø guillotine (a machine and process dating back over a hundred years) or with an automatic saw for volume production. The print is dry mounted and the frame is then sealed.All framed prints are delivered ready for hanging directly on your walls.

If you are ordering and wish to add a frame to your existing order, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible after placing your order. If you decide to frame your print at home, check out our 'What Frame Should I Get' article on the help page of the website:

Please note that framed orders take 3 business days longer to process.


Hope this helps!

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