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Delivered but not at the doorUpdated 4 months ago

My Night Sky has been marked delivered but is not here:

Most of the time with this issue the carrier has marked it as delivered as it has been put in the van for delivery to your property. Give it another one/two business days for it to be physically delivered to you. 

Other times - if you were not home when they delivered - the carrier has left the package with a neighbor or in an obscure part of your property. Be sure to check around before assuming it has been lost.

The vast majority of time people have experienced this issue - the print will either be delivered within one or two business days, or it is on or around the property.

Once it has been shipped, we cannot contact the carriers on your behalf, but please feel free to call them with your tracking number and they should provide you with an update.

Do get back to us at [email protected] quoting the order number, if it does not show up in the next few business days and after you have contacted your local Post Office or Courier.

Hope this helps!

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