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Why is my Tracking Code Not Working?Updated a year ago

....Is it here yet?

We rely heavily on our shipping partners to update the tracking code of your order.

As a process - once your order has been printed and checked for quality - a tracking code is generated. This tells the carrier that the print is ready for collection. It can take one business day for the tracking code to be updated for US orders, and up to 3 business days for Canadian orders. Once it is in the hands of the carrier we are unable to contact them on your behalf - but we will do our best to provide whatever information necessary to ensure you get as much visibility as possible on your delivery.

Some common issues:

My Print has been Marked Delivered but is Not Here

Most of the time with this issue the carrier has marked it as delivered as it has been put in the van for delivery to your property. Give it another one/two business days for it to be physically delivered to you. 

Other times - if you were not home when they delivered - the carrier has left the package with a neighbor or in an obscure part of your property. Be sure to check around before assuming it has been lost.

The vast majority of time people have experienced this issue - the print will either be delivered within one or two business days, or it is on or around the property.

My Tracking Code has Not Updated in Days

This is another common complaint - again we rely heavily on the individuals with the carriers to update the tracking at each step, but sometimes this does not happen. We find on shipments where there are delays to the tracking that the tracking code will not update for a long time and then when it's close to the delivery it will update all of the information. Bear in mind for international orders customs clearance can take several days in some instances which throws off the estimated arrival time given. Unfortunately we have no control over customs. Once an order has left customs the tracking should update again.

In general, you should give the time we have stated, in the order to delivery time frames, to get your print. You can read more about that here:

How Long Does It Take to Get My Order

If you feel that it should have been delivered at this stage then contact here on the chat box in the bottom right corner of the browser window or email us at [email protected]

Hope this helps!

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