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What is the Quality of the Print?

How good is it?The quality of the print was our highest priority. We wanted to create something that would last for years to come and hang proudly on the walls of customers without any fading. We spent a lot of time testing different paper and inks t

Ideas For Titles And Quotes

Some Inspiration For The Title or Quote On Your Night SkySometimes it can be difficult to think of ideas for titles or quotes when ordering your Night Sky. Don't worry we have you covered, here are some ideas to inspire and help you create the perfec

PDF or Digital file

For certain countries we cannot ship to, we do offer a Digital file. For countries where digital is the only option you will see that on the create page here:If the country you are ordering for offers both digital and physical print options you can c

Special Edit Requests, Sentence style, Longer Title, Emojis And Foreign Languages Etc;

How to make some custom changes to my print.This shouldn't be a problem. We don't do font changes. We have a line limit for the title/quote on the create page to make sure there are no major errors when designing the map on mobile or desktop. The tex

Can I Have More Than One Map On A Print?

It's not possible to have more than one map on a print since each map is rendered for one specific date and location. If for instances you want to order a Star Map for a special occasion such as Mother's day or Father's day, you could enter the date

How to check what I have ordered

Here are some details on how to review your Night Sky design.Your confirmation email will have a preview file and link you can use to check and/or edit your print. Any editing needs to be done within 24 hours of placing your order if using standard o

Editing My Map Details

How can I edit after I have placed my order?We want to make sure you have the opportunity to double check the map details you entered.After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with details of what you ordered. You have 24 hours

Holding Your Order

HOLD ON !!!!After you have placed the order you will receive an order confirmation email.In that email you will see a button to hold the order if you need more time to edit it yourself. You can hold it indefinitely. If you have any problems editing t

Adding A Gift Option and Message

Marking An Order As A GiftIf you are sending your order as a gift you will see a box for a gift note as you check out. The only countries where gift notes are not an option is for Australia and New ZealandWe take this message, and print the message o

Can I Order a Larger Print?

It is possible to get a print with bigger dimensions - here's the details:We now offer several sizes. It all depends on the size you have already ordered. If you contact [email protected] with the order number, for more information, customer servi

Smaller Sizes

Can I order a smaller size?We offer several sizes. You will see all the size options when creating your star map. You can also find the size options here on the help page of the website:

Ordering Multiple Prints

How can I put more than one print in one order?Once you have created your first map, you will proceed to your shopping cart. There is a button that will take you back to the create page to add another print. You can order as many as you want in one o

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