How to Submit Your Video

How to Submit Your Video

Once you have submitted your entry form there are 4 ways to submit a #nightskystory video.

1: Email - You can simply email with your video attached. Easy right!

Although some of you might find that the video file is too large to attach - so here are a few more of options.

2: YouTube - You can upload your video to YouTube and reply here or email with the YouTube url (link). Simples!

3: Instagram - If your posting your video on instagram then simply tag @thenightskyio and use #nightskystory so we can discover it. 

*If your account is set to private, then make sure you follow us so we can follow you back.

Here's How:

4: Facebook: If your posting a video on Facebook then simply tag @thenightskyio and use #nightskystory so we can discover it.

*make sure the post is public so we can see it!

Here's how:

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