Helpful Hints for creating your Video

Helpful hints:

  • You can upload your video on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube but we will reupload your video and all voting will take place on our channel. Feel free to share the link to your video on any social platform! Share! Share! Share!

  • Try to record your entry in a quiet space and don't add copyrighted music to your video - as your entry may automatically get taken down! 😮 

  • Make sure to record the video in a landscape format. Preferable 1920x1080. It is an ideal format for youtube and as mentioned above this is where all voting will take place. If you are uploading to Instagram, add a white border to your video.

  • The closing date for entries is the 22nd January but you can continue voting until midnight PST on January 26th. The Winner will be announced shortly after.

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